Customers Can Always Reach You

PENGUIN makes it possible for customers to call your main office number and ALWAYS reach you, no matter where you are, with our softphone solution. We have enabled some of the swiftest transitions to remote and work-from-home solutions for a variety of clients in industries from manufacturing to insurance.

Remote Work is Seamless

When customers call your main number and dial the extension of an employee with the softphone app installed on their mobile device, there desk phone and their mobile phone both ring. This enables staff to answer calls at their convenience and from literally anywhere they have cellular phone service, as if they were sitting at their desk.

“During the dark days (of Covid-19) Shelter-in-Place, the solutions offered by PENGUIN enabled our incredibly easy transition to Work-from-Home.” – Todd Aaronson, CEO, Modesto Convention & Visitors Bureau

Soft Phone capabilities are Essential

Customer expect to be able to reach you anytime and anywhere. Missing a call could mean losing out on potential revenue. Soft phones and mobile capabilities along with Voicemail to email and a variety of other features included with PENGUIN make seamless communications possible.

Robust and feature-rich, PENGUIN puts standard PBX phone systems to shame, bringing your telephone communications into the modern age.

Never miss a call, always receive your voicemails and make use of intelligent time-based call handling to ensure that your customers feel heard. Customer will never hear a busy signal again. With more offices moving to a remote or distributed workforce model, employee connections are just as important. Unify your communications by enabling employees to communicate between branches, offices and homes with PENGUIN simply by dialing an extension from either a desk or soft phone.

  • Soft Phones make location problem of the past

  • Features enable seamless and effective communications

  • Inter-employee and office communications are easy

PENGUIN is the future of business communications

Get in touch with a PENGUIN representative today to learn how PENGUIN can not only save you money each month, but improve your voice quality, call handling efficiency and reduce customer stress and frustration.

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