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“Penguin helped our Chamber of Commerce by significantly reducing our monthly phone costs. Great service, timely and courteous. Thank you!”

Sue Micheletti

Executive Director, Turlock Chamber of Commerce

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does PENGUIN VoIP phone service cost?2021-03-08T23:13:11+00:00

    PENGUIN VoIP phone service starts at $125 per month for unlimited local and long distance calling for up to 5 extensions.

    Is there a cost associated with installation?2021-03-08T23:12:17+00:00

    You can choose to do a self install using your own IT team or choose to have a professional installation performed by a PENGUIN-approved IT team. Generally, our approved installers charge for time and materials, a site survey and formal estimate is available upon request.

    Can I use my own phones, or do I have to buy new ones?2021-03-08T23:15:05+00:00

    If you already have VoIP phone service, there are certain IP Phone models that are supported by PENGUIN and could potentially be used with PENGUIN VoIP phone service. Reach out to out technicians to share your phone make and model to learn more.

    Can I bring my current business phone number to PENGUIN?2021-03-08T23:16:16+00:00

    Yes! You can most likely port or move your current phone number to PENGUIN. We’ll ask you to provide a copy of your current phone bill and to sign a form that allows PENGUIN to assume your number from your current carrier.

    How much does it cost to port a number?2021-03-08T23:17:11+00:00

    There is a small one-time fee of $20 associated with each number ported to PENGUIN.

    What’s the cost of PENGUIN VoIP phone service per extension?2021-03-08T23:21:08+00:00

    PENGUIN VoIP Phone service is $25, per extension, per month, taxes and government fees included, for our PENGUIN Transparent Pricing Promise. There is a five (5) extension minimum, however, each additional extension is added at $25, per extension, per month. There are no hidden costs. Ask your PENGUIN representative about premium features such as voicemail to email, automated attendant and intelligent call handling all included at a transparent and competitive rate.

    Do I need to have a phone number for each phone line that I want for my business?2021-03-08T23:22:30+00:00

    Nope! The beauty of PENGUIN VoIP Phone service is that you can keep your main phone number and lose the rest. Each phone on your cloud hosted PBX phone system is assigned an extension. Callers can simply dial the main line and then dial the extension of the person they wish to reach. No more buying extra phone lines either. Your system is designed to handle as many callers as there are at all times. The only limitation to the number of calls you can take is the number of physical phones and humans you have to answer them. But your callers will never hear a busy signal again. Intelligent call handling will send callers to voicemail or use time-based conditions to intelligently route calls, even when a human isn’t available to answer the phone.

    What about my fax number?2021-03-08T23:23:16+00:00

    Port your fax number to PENGUIN and receive faxes using our vFax services included with your PENGUIN VoIP Phone service plan.

    What if I have multiple stores, several branches or staff members in many locations? eg. Remote workers?2021-03-08T23:24:05+00:00

    PENGUIN VoIP phone service allows you to have office phone continuity like never before. Seamlessly transfer calls between branch offices and dial staff members at other locations or working remotely using only their extension number. Take advantage of high quality phone service, with smart options for remote workers or multiple locations.