The Challenge

The Modesto Convention & Visitors Bureau (VisitModesto) recently relaunched as an independent 501C6. Their mission is to provide robust destination information and assistance to visitors, groups, business travelers and residents. They needed a way to handle a high volume of calls without incurring the heavy financial burden of a recurring business telephone service bill.

No Need to Purchase Additional Lines

PENGUIN was contacted by Visit Modesto to conduct an analysis of their current phone system and reduce cost while increasing efficiency in the way calls are handled. The goal was to eliminate the need to purchase additional phone lines from the telephone company while streamlining the way calls were handled to ensure that calls were routed appropriately before a human even heard a phone ring.

PENGUIN consulted with Visit Modesto to identify ways to shrink the cost to suit their budget while ensuring that there was no downtime experienced by Visit Modesto or their guests during the change of service providers.

PENGUIN developed a plan to work with Visit Modesto to guide them through the setup and installation process.


Monthly Savings

Saved 75% on Monthly Recurring Services, Compared to The Telephone Company


Long Distance

Eliminated National Long Distance Charges


Business Flexibility

Transition to and back from Remote Work was Seamless

“If we need to learn something for the fourth time PENGUIN has the patience to direct us to the proper resources quickly or verbally walk us through the solution. That’s what makes PENGUIN stand head and shoulders above our other vendors.”

Todd Aaronson

CEO at Modesto Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.

The Process

PENGUIN created a plan to install physical IP Phones as well as Softphones for each of Visit Modesto’s extensions. Each extension was available using a single main number, eliminating disjointed communications between team members and guests.

  • Complete Extension Worksheet

  • Design Automated Attendant

  • Configure Devices and Soft Phones

Installation is a Breeze with devices configured in advance and the full attention of the PENGUIN team to make sure that the migration goes precisely as planned.

With devices configured and ready to install, Visit Modesto’s IT team was able to install the hardware and have the system full up and functioning prior to the port of the existing business telephone numbers. When the numbers ported successfully to PENGUIN, the new system begun receiving and handling calls immediately with zero interruptions to business processes.

During the first stages of the global Covid-19 Pandemic, Visit Modesto was able to transition from the in-office setting to work-from-home within a matter of minutes. Calls rang through to each employee’s extension via their softphone and desk phone simultaneously. Allowing guest and vendor calls to be answered from anywhere.

Increase Call Handling Capabilities

Your guests will never hear a busy signal again. The system us able to handle a virtually limitless number of calls. Each call is greeted by a fully customized automated attendant greeting and routed accordingly. If the extension they are routed to is unavailable the system can efficiently take a voicemail message.


Increase your sales

Increased call handling efficiency translates to increases in revenue and cost savings in many areas of business.

Sales Chart


Visit Modesto achieved their goal of obtaining a simple and cost effective solution for our phone services.

Visit Modesto was pleased with the ease of understanding the initial quote and setup process as well as PENGUIN’s responsiveness to questions.

As a non-profit, Visit Modesto has a strict budget to adhere to for every element of their business. PENGUIN brought their communications costs down below budget and exceeded expectations in this regard.

Affordable High Quality Communications

PENGUIN’s focus on excellence in Customer Service and providing high quality, robust communications solutions for our clients made Visit Modesto a happy and valued long-term client.

“Customer service alone enables our team to have confidence in the solutions offered by PENGUIN”

Todd Aaronson

CEO at Modesto Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.

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